4 Ways to hatch your egg faster in Pokemon GO




#1. Leave your GPS on indoors.

When you are indoors, your GPS tends to be off the mark. What happens is, as your GPS tries its level best to reconnect, your character will bounce around as it calibrates. This is what we call, “Drifting”. A slight drawback for iPhone users…. The GPS on iPhones are too strong. Hence, iOS users may not enjoy such a privilege as much, compared to Android users.

#2. Get stuck in a jam! (Seriously!)

 Guess how many eggs you can hatch in that jam?

So, Niantic Labs was smart enough to put a “speed limiter” to avoid people from hatching their eggs by parking their butts in an air-conditioned car and drive around. Fear not! You can still do the same! Just get stuck in a traffic jam!


#3. Use an animal carrier.


There are many nifty little pouches that you can actually put onto your dog. (Editorial comment: No animal cruelty advocated here.) Simply slip the phone into the pouch, let it run around as it would always do and wait for that faithful beep to inform you that your egg is ready to hatch!


#4. Marathon runners.

Now. You and I know for a fact that we are not runners. So, tell a friend who runs to have an extra arm pouch, and slip your phone in there. Your 10km egg will hatch in no time, especially when they are training for a full marathon.

Useful tips: Make sure you turn on your power-saving mode, and slip your phone in pointing downwards to maximize your phone battery while your friend runs.