5 Things Noobs Do In CS:GO



Red Bull eSports Zone here to bring you 5 things you find noobs doing in CS:GO.

  • Don’t be the guy who plays music on an open microphone. The same goes for yelling or not adjusting your microphone levels properly so when you do talk, you make your teammates deaf.


  • Don’t spray and pray. As anyone would tell you from a FPS game, try to burst fire your weapon to offset the recoil. Nothing spells noob as someone having to reload every few seconds and runs out of ammo before they reach the main fight.


  • LEEROYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKINS, don’t be this man. Don’t be the one who has no plan and rushes in all guns blazing and gets the team killed.


  • The one who thinks the more expensive the gun is, the better it must be. So you will eventually see this person running around with a Negev. Good luck hitting anything with that.


  • The blocker, a person who stands in tight narrow passages and won’t move because they are “aiming” or camping. Be it tunnels or doorways, not a single teammate will be able to get through unless said blocker is dead.


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