Acer's new predators on the loose in Malaysia



Acer’s improved Predator G1 and 17 X launched in Malaysia.

High end gaming computers are every gamer’s wet dream. Sleek looks, raw power and all the pretty shiny lights to match, Acer has once again enter the fray competing against the likes of Alienware and many other gaming computer companies now plying their wares to the PC master race. They recently launched two new computers from their Predator line in Malaysia at Mineski Infinity Cyber Cafe in Kajang on the 24th of August, 2016, and we were there to see it all go down.


The two Predators released are the beautifully designed beefy 17 X laptop and the slimmer, but still punchy G1 desktop. Both computers are designed to perform with high end hardware and have have the whole black and red motif that makes the line look cool yet intimidating.


The 17 X laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-6820HK and the new desktop grade video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 980. No longer do we have to see that dreaded “M” next to a graphics card and think, why am I buying a laptop. It also comes with all the bells and whistles that Acer provides to their top of the line products such as: AeroBlade fan, Predator SoundPound 4.2, Killer DoubleShot Pro, PredatorSense, and Triple cooling system.

If you prefer a desktop with more power, the mini armor-inspired tower is like Wolverine, small but deadly. Its 16 litre body still contains a full size top of the line GTX 1080 and still had room to spare for all the other needs that a gamer wants, such as a i7-6700 cpu and 16GB DDR4 ram which can be upgraded to 32GB easily. It also boasts, like any good computer, multiple USB 3.0/3.1 ports and all the audio jacks you could want. It even has a stand built into the case for your gaming headset. Yet Acer wasn’t finished at that, but has made specially available for Malaysia 10 units of the ultra limited edition G1 Desktop Transport Suitcase built to house the computer and your accessories as you show up to a LAN event and be the envy of everyone. It also comes with a Predator Mechanical Keyboard and Predator Gaming Mouse, all of which fits snuggly into to travel case.

Both systems are also VR ready, which is a feat in itself since many systems can’t handle the toll that VR really needs to function currently. There are many other features but I believe you all get the idea and want to know the price.

The Acer Predator G1 Desktop is retailing for RM10,999 and the Predator 17 X is going for RM12,999. While obviously expensive, this is typically what the price looks like for most high-end gaming rigs and Acer spared no expensive in delivering what looks and sound to be awesome machines.

Hopefully, a hands-on review unit might come our way and we can go more into detail about the specs and the feel of everyday use. For more info visit the Acer website:

As a last minute note - Shoutouts to the Emcee Muhammad “Flava” Farouq, the product manager of Acer Mr. Jeffrey Lai, and the two media contacts Ms See Siok Gee and Ms Keng Mun. They held a lovely event and gave me the opportunity to test out the new Predator 17 X in a 5v5 all pick against Mineski-X, who of course stomped the media team into the ground, but had a lot of fun.

From my first impressions of using the laptop, the matte finish feels awesome and the looks are quite amazing, if albeit similar to most high end gaming laptops. The touchpad was smooth and accurate, plus the keyboard placement and and action of the keys were spot on in making using the keyboard comfortable. The screen resolution, clarity (hey look, a Dota reference), and vibrant colours popped for clean crisp visuals. With the game clearly going past the 100 FPS mark on ultra settings, even the sound from the laptop was very impressive and clear with all the low end noises coming through crisp and clean. This is a laptop that I would want if my measly writers salary could afford it.