CS:GO Basic 1: Settings



Welcome to Red Bull E-Sports Zone (RBEZ), for all you CS:GO fans here is a quick guide to common settings you should have when playing.


Computer Settings

Firstly, on your computer you want to open the start menu and search for “Power Options”. Then select “High Performance” from one of the plans.




For monitor settings, you should first download and update your graphics drivers first. AMD and Nvidia have control panels to help change your monitor and resolution settings. Change the resolution to your preference, but do note about possible screen cut-off and lowering your field of view at lower resolutions for higher FPS performance. Don’t forget to increase the refresh rate to as high as your monitor’s specs will allow for more fluid movement onscreen.


Mouse Settings

Open the start menu and search for “mouse speed”. Go to the “Pointer Options: and put the pointer speed to the 6th tick from the left as well as these settings:


Launch Settings

Here is some launch settings  which can be added by right clicking CS:GO in your steam library and click “Properties” and click on “Launch Options”. An example of what to type in the field would be, “-novid -high -threads 4 -nojoy +cl_forcepreload 1 -nod3d9ex”

  • “-novid” Skips Valve animation at launch
  • “-high” Prioritizes CS:GO for CPU
  • “-threads 4” Dictates threads used by CPU (use 2 if you use a dual-core CPU)
  • “-nod3d9ex” Makes ALT+TAB faster
  • “-nojoy” Removes joystick support
  • “+cl_forcepreload 1” Increases FPS by preloading maps
  • "-tickrate 128" (Optional) Makes offline/local servers as 128 tick instead of 64!
  • "-noaafontnnts" Prevents aliasing of fontnnts.


Video Settings

Moving on to video settings:

Resolution: 16:9 resolution will generally give you the biggest field of view. Stretching a 4:3 resolution, however, will make the player models appear bigger. This can subjectively make it easier for head shots.

SHADOWS: Using "High" settings will give you the farthest render distance for shadows, however "Low" shadows will get rid of the scope blur, weather and other possible distracting effects.

ANTI-ALIASING: If you have good system that can produce high FPS try using 8x CSAA,

otherwise try 2x-8x MSAA. You should notice edges will be smoother and small/fine detail will be easier to see.


Lastly here is a compiled list of CS:GO Professional Player’s Setups if your interested in mouse DPI, screen resolutions and other detailed settings.



Till next time,

Red Bull, Charge ahead.