CS:GO Basic 2: Communication 101



Red Bull E-Sports Zone (RBEZ) is proud to bring you another guide for CS:GO. Good communication skills are vital in any aspect of life. This is especially true in fast paced games requiring fast reflexes like CS:GO. So it’s time to master the basics, here we go!


Get and use a microphone

Too many people say they don’t have one or don’t use it, this is silly considering this is still one of the best and quickest ways of communicating in-game. Please don’t be shy, try to communicate with your team about rotations, strategies or what site to attack or defend.


Learn Calls

Every map will have call signs denoting what part of the map you're talking about. This is something all players should try to memorize if they want to become more competitive to aid in speed on communication. Here is a list on this handy Steam guide.


Communicate your actions

Always tell your teammates what you're up to, like are your forced to relocate or that your flanking. Just as important is to call out when you using grenades, tell them what you’re smoking or when flashing. You don’t want to blind your own teammates and allow them to prepare to use your distraction.


Never Assume

Don’t exaggerate information and never assume that if you see one player that the whole team is there to attack you. They could be pulling you into a trap. However, you can say “contact” and say what you see or hear.


Stay Relaxed and be polite

Don’t be rude, if you have nothing constructed to say don’t say it. Don’t lower the team morale or purposely make players tilt. If you have to mute the players that you need to, don’t fan the flames. Even if you're correcting someone, try to be positive about it and try to genuinely teach them.


Till next time,

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