Dota 2 The International 6: Day #3 End of Group Stages



The stakes have become real as half the teams will soon be doing the walk of shame to the lower bracket best-of-one series.

Digital Chaos continues to take everyone by surprise. Misery in particular did a wonderful job as a drafter, painting a very large target on his back as he drafted and his team Sunsfans’ed their way through TI6.

As every new tournament has a “mini” meta, TI6 is going to make tsunami-like waves in the community as people of all skill levels will be trying to bend it like Dendi. The amount of copycats is going to make playing DOTA unbearable again. But hey, at least we get to see aggressive games with hero picks such as Drow Ranger, Huskar and Terror Blade with that fancy somewhat new Dragon Lance. With these very polarizing strategies comes the mandatory support to bail them out of the s*$& they always seem to find themselves in. We get too see such defensive supports as Elder Titan, Wisp, Shadow Demon, Oracle and even the odd Naga Siren here and there.

The other meta that has spawned from this is the Illusion strategy to split push and siege the base safely to avoid the Rubber Band Effect that was so problematic a few patches ago. These strats make Morphling, Naga Siren, Alchemist and the counter Faceless Void popular again.


Day 3

Group A

AllianceEscape GamingEvil GeniusesLGD GamingNatus VincereOGTNC GamingWings Gaming

OG in top form with Miracle- carrying his team on his massive 9k shoulders, won all four of their matches and was able to overtake Evil Geniuses for top spot in group A.

Notable Games/Highlights


Group B

Digital ChaosEHOMEFnaticMVP PhoenixNewbeeTeam LiquidTeam SecretVici Gaming Reborn

Team Liquid falls for the curse of familiarity as every other team seems to have their number. With 4 losses, Team Liquid nosedives 4 spots straight into the lower bracket and must contend with a best-of-one. Due to this change, the ever entertaining aggressive play style Korean, MVP Phoenix will get to go on to the next stage in the upper brackets.

Notable Games/Highlights