Fallout Gaming CS:GO Team Start Their Journey To The Top!

Fallout Gaming is proud to announce a new addition to their gaming teams: the Fallout Gaming CS:GO amateur team. Founded in early 2016, the FG CS:GO Team consists of Malaysia’s rising talents. They have since competed in multiple tournaments in Asia, displaying an affinity for strategic gameplay and skills. Young and passionate, their goal is to go big or go home.

The team is headed by Chong “Fayde” Hoc Wah, followed by members Nicholas “cRaZyBaBy” Goon, Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam, Felix “Felix” Goh, Joon Wei “formless” Ding, Jaydee “Kryonix” Ng, and Seth Marcus “Secretw0w” Roth.

The Fallout Gaming CS:GO Team also has dynamic teamwork based on the roles they play. Joon Wei “formless” Ding plays Entry Fragger, relying on excellent raw aim and recoil control, as well as Support. Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam and Nicholas “cRaZyBaBy” Goon are AWPer/Riflers, while Felix “Felix” Goh is a solid AWPer. They keep the enemy team on their toes with the risk of being eliminated early in the game. Jaydee “Kryonix” Ng and Chong “Fayde” Hoc Wah are Support players, using their superb game sense and positioning to relay crucial information about the enemy team to their teammates.

Their first tournament together in 2016 was the E-Games Fiesta, which they placed 1st for the online qualifiers and 3rd for the on-ground LAN. Since then, they have competed in numerous tournaments in 2017, bagging 1st place in the E-Sports Typhoon Mini-Series Online and Hotshotz Asia KDU Online Qualifiers.

Their coach, Wanro "wanr0" Syazwan, is one of the most decorated CS:GO players in Malaysia, playing competitively since 2012. He has attempted to retire from the competitive esports scene, but is still playing in tournaments around Asia. His latest tournament was the ROG Masters at 1 Utama, Malaysia, on the 16th-17th of September.

Team leader Chong “Fayde” Hoc Wah was also recently interviewed by Malaysian Chinese portal Cari.com.my on the rising accomplishments of esports athletes in the country. Watch the full interview here.

They stream on the FG CS:GO page almost three times weekly, playing for fun and also training for future tournaments. Check out their Facebook page here to keep updated with their rise to the top!