Red Bull Coliseum: CS:GO Recap



Red Bull Coliseum (RBC) CS:GO marks the end of Red Bull Malaysia’s tournaments for this year. The two day tournament on the 3rd and 4th December, 2016, was a spectacle to behold.


Going out with a bang, 32 teams clashed to get to the grand finals. Fueled up with Red Bull, the teams were at their peak performance and concentration. The aura and tension coming off the players was so palpable, you could cut it with a knife.


Among the participants, were many fans that filled up the Orange Stadium and were also entertained with side events. There was the Fast Shot and A Knife for a Knife events, where participants could win some sweet CS:GO knife skins.


The Fast Shot tested people's reflexes and accuracy with a mini real life shooting range. The Fastest time was 4.2 seconds by Wong Zheng Qin.


While the Knife for a Knife tested your CS:GO knifing skills in a 1v1 arena tournament. The crowd was going wild with shouts and cheers as flashbangs were chucked around and people dancing in circles. Ultimately the winners were Gilbert EE.


As for the main tournament, Orange eSports was nigh unstoppable. No one could quite be that unmoveable object, even old teammates, friends, and rival, 1Percent, fell just short of closing a match. The game were very close and everyone clearly had fun. Both teams were even smack talking each other and yelling, all of course in the name of good fun.


Congratulations are in order for Orange eSports,your reigning champions of Red Bull Coliseum CS:GO. The following players Mohd “vv4nro” Syazwan Bin Mohd Hanafie, Lee “YoongHwei” Yoong Hwei, Muhd “Clickzai” Idzni Bin Rosdi, Ahmad “d4v4i” Khalish Rusyaidee Bin Nordin, and Mohamad “areel” Hazreel Bin Mazlan walk away with the grand prize of RM5,000.


Your 1st runners-up, 1Percent, comprised of Mohamad “Squ1rrel” Zawir Bin Zakari, Mohammad “3nable” Ridzuan Hazi Bin Hasnul Hazi, Muhammad “boxS” Syamim Bin Khalid, Mohd “hamieeow” Hamirul Bin Mazlan, and Imran “ims-” Bin Sariffuddin take back RM3,000.


Lastly your 2nd runners-up, Triggered, went home with RM2,000. The following players went home with a decent chunk of change: Harith “Kabale” Asmady,  Daryl “Dazinga” Keith, Joonas “Fake” Oikarinen, Taschvind “Taz” Sielan, and Muhammad “Izzy-” Izad Bin Rosdi.


This may mark the end of this year of tournaments, but Red Bull Malaysia looks forward to be making many more next year. So like their Facebook to keep updated for future tournaments next year. Stay happy with Red Bull and keep on gaming!

Watch the recap video here!


Till next time at RBEZ,

Red Bull, Charge ahead.